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Relax like an astronaut with an Apollo 11 sweatsuit

Comfy cosmonaut cosplay is easy with this relaxed fit space sweatsuit complete with drawstring pants and a Neil Armstrong name tag.

No need for zero gravity. This spacesuit is practically weightless compared to the real deal.

Real NASA spacesuits aren't easy to unwind in, but if you want to feel like a cozy cosmonaut check out this Apollo 11 Sweatsuit from

You can live out your Neil Armstrong fantasies while lounging around in this polyester-fleece sweatshirt with fitted cuffs, and drawstring sweatpants with elastic waistband and pockets -- perfect to store astronaut ice cream or lunar rocks!

The suit is decorated with the NASA logo, Armstrong's name tag, the American flag and designs of various connectors all modeled after the A7-L Pressure Suit worn by Armstrong on the Apollo 11 mission which landed the first man on the moon circa 1969.

While the original suit is priceless, you can own this Apollo 11 sweatsuit for $139 (which converts to about £90 or AU$170). It ranges in size from XS to XL for men and women. Sadly, the sweatsuit does not come with a helmet pillow.

The sweatsuit is adorned with the kind of detail that would make NASA proud.