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Relax and stay healthy staring at geeky Yule log videos

Christmas might be over, but you can still snuggle up to a digital fire to keep those cold temperatures at bay. These videos go beyond tradition to include Darth Vader and others.

Just because Christmas has come and gone doesn't mean the cold weather went away. Pretend to feel the warmth of the fire with some of our favorite videos of a roaring fireplace.

For some of us who don't have a real hearth, this is the closest we get to settling down for the evening with a good book, a fine drink and the flickering orange glow of firelight.

And did you know that watching a fire might be good for you? A crackling Yule log, a plain old fire in a fireplace or even a campfire not only gives us a sense of beauty, it also could give us a few health benefits.

Last year, scientists at the University of Alabama determined that watching a Yule log could lower your blood pressure, even if it was merely a video of the log.

The researchers asked 226 adults to watch a video of a fireplace and took blood pressure readings before and after the viewing.

Anthropologist Christopher Lynn and his team of researchers discovered that there was an average of a 5 percent decrease in blood pressure among the adults who watched the fireplace complete with the crackling log sounds.

The longer the test subjects gazed into the fire, the more relaxed they found themselves becoming. However, the adults who watched the fire without any sounds or watched an inverted picture of burning logs had an increase in blood pressure.

To be honest, though, we don't care if digital fireplaces make us healthy, we just like being entertained by unusual Yule log videos, such as those featuring purring cats, reality stars, whiskey-sipping actors, dead Sith Lords, and heckling robots.

Be sure to check out our gallery of some of the geekiest Yule log videos around this long and cold winter season.