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Reebok made Ripley's Alien Stompers shoes only in men's sizes

Oh no you didn't, Reebok. Twitter users call out the shoe company for offering the iconic sneakers -- worn by one of sci-fi's most badass female characters -- only in sizes made for fellas.

Alien Stompers
Made for man feet.

Let's play a game where we name as many kick-ass female sci-fi characters as possible. I'll start. Starbuck ("Battlestar" reboot). Captain Janeway. Rey. Uhura. Zoe Washburne. Princess Leia. Dana Scully. And let's not forget Ellen Ripley, since today is Alien Day and Reebok just sold out of a limited-edition release of her Alien Stompers shoes, which sparked a bit of outrage on Twitter.

Why are some Twitter users so upset with Reebok right now? It's not because there weren't enough shoes to go around and they sold out faster than a facehugger can jump out of an egg. It's because they were available only in men's sizes between 8 and 12.

Last we checked, Ellen Ripley is a woman. She wore those amazing white, red and gray sneakers in the midst of her incredible adventures, fighting off fang-toothed, multimouthed, drooling extraterrestrial baddies. She's a stellar example of how to fight in reasonable, but fashionable, footwear. And her tribute shoes were made only in sizes designed for men, though Reebok later attributed this to a "technical error."

According to various feet-obsessed websites, Sigourney Weaver, the actress who plays Ripley, wears a size 10 in women's shoes, which works out to around a 41 in European sizing. It's a little tricky to convert that into men's sizes, but she may be able to sport a size 8 or 8.5 in the Reebok Alien Stompers without totally swimming in them. Cosplaying women with smaller feet, however, were out of luck with Reebok's sale.

The Alien Stompers may have sold out, but they then promptly hit eBay, with the high-tops coming in at crazy prizes. If you want the smallest size available, you'll need to drop $3,000 (about £2,060, AU$3,880) for this size 8 auction. Reebok will be auctioning off a single pair of the sneaks.

In a perfect world, we might get another, much bigger run of Alien Stompers shoes in all sorts of sizes for both men and women. Because Ripley is a alien-butt-kicking role model for everyone. In the meantime, disappointment at the sizing decision is spreading across Twitter like drool dripping down an Alien Queen's maw.

CNET's Crave blog reached out to Reebok and received this statement: "The Alien Stomper was mis-categorized on our US website as a men's shoe due a technical error. While size availability varied by market, the Alien Stomper is a unisex style and was produced in sizes (US Men's) 3.5 - 12, which is a typical size range for a unisex model." It will be interesting to see if any fans were able to obtain some of these smaller sizes. If so, it could help mollify the Twitter concern.

Update, April 26 at 2:20 p.m. PT: This story has been updated to include a statement from Reebok about the sizing controversy.