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Redefine writer's block with Moleskine x Lego notebooks

These limited-edition Moleskine notebooks come with custom endpapers, stickers, blank pages and the best part -- 3D Lego covers!

Let Lego unleash your creativity. Moleskine

When was the last time you could take notes in a meeting or class, and play with Lego bricks at the same time? Thanks to these colorful limited-edition Lego notebooks, you can literally build on your creative ideas one brick at a time.

The 2014 Moleskine x Lego Limited Edition Notebook Collection consists of two notebooks to choose from that both kids and adults can enjoy. The Lego Limited Edition Notebook comes with Lego endpapers and stickers. The notebook is available with black, white, blue and red covers, and retails for $18.95 each. It's also available from Moleskine in the UK for £14.99.

You can choose between ruled and unruled blank pages for note taking, sketching or keeping a diary (that's what we called blogging before the Web!) The notebook measures 3.5x5.5 inches (9x14cm), with 192 blank pages and a small pocket inside the cover.

The cool thing about these notebooks is that they come with a Lego plate -- a flat 3D pegged surface to snap bricks onto -- right on the front cover! So not only can you sketch out your ideas about the ultimate Lego set, you start doodling in physical form on top of your notebook -- though you might want to refrain from adding too many Lego bricks to your notebook unless you plan on leaving a trail of blocks wherever you go.

Use the Lego stickers to dream up the ultimate project! Moleskine

The 2014 collection also includes a larger Lego Moleskin Exclusive Limited Edition Notebook you can only get online. The large notebook measures 5x8.25 inches (13x21cm), and has 240 blank pages and an expandable inner pocket. This notebook retails for $24 or for £18.99 from Moleskine in the UK.

Both notebooks have instructions on how to sketch your own Lego minifigures in the endpapers just for fun. You can also use the Lego stickers included in the notebooks to construct ideas for future Lego projects.

The limited edition Moleskine x Lego collection is available online and from participating retailers.