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Reddit's 2021 recap covers Bernie's mittens and stock market chaos

Reddit sums up the year in a video recap.

Reddit released its recap of 2021.
Angela Lang/CNET

As 2021 draws to a close, Reddit is offering its own review of the year with a video out Wednesday called Reddit Recap. 

The video packs in plenty of popular images from the site, set to a song with lyrics asking, "Is it going to get any weirder?" In the video, you can catch Bernie Sanders and his famed inauguration mittens; references to the supply chain, the stock market and NFTs; and photos from AMAs with folks like Nick Offerman and Carole Baskin. And of course, plenty of strange images like a guy melting into a playground slide and an opossum spinning on a bike wheel. 

Reddit is the latest tech service to package up a summation of the year. Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music released their personalized year-end wrapups last week.