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Reddit's identity crisis: Policy change to clean up content (kinda)

The social sharing site adds new rules to control its dark side, while some Redditors find refuge at And Uber deals with a different sort of drama in New York, calling for action on its app.

Reddit is having an identity crisis.

Since it launched 10 years ago, the site has been a place to share links and talk about anything. But that anything-goes philosophy contributed to the creation of a very dark side of Reddit: a cesspool of hate and violence.

Now the tone is changing as the company is growing (and getting money from investors). In this CNET Update, learn about the new policies to clean up the site, and which dark corners will still be thriving:

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Also in this tech-news roundup, learn why Uber is facing more government push-back, this time from New York City.

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Reddit's identity crisis: Policy change to clean up content (kinda)