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Red Hat + Hyperic = Common open-source systems management platform

Red Hat and Hyperic are finally getting together on systems management development. Finally.

It had to happen (and not just because Savio asked when it would happen). Today Red Hat (which seems to be making a lot of noise during Oracle's OpenWorld event :-) and Hyperic joined forces to create a common systems management platform. The ice between the two has thawed at last:

For years, the JBoss Operations Network [JON] team has been developing code on the Hyperic platform. Red Hat will be contributing its updates and enhancements to this new open source project. Both companies will work to maintain, govern and extend management capabilities within the new open source systems management platform project. Additionally, Hyperic and Red Hat will work jointly to include this base in both future Hyperic and Red Hat systems management products....

In keeping with the open source development model, Red Hat and Hyperic will share an open source code repository hosted by Hyperic. The community will have full access to the code base via the GPL license. Red Hat and Hyperic will collaborate on a development and governance roadmap for the common technology that will enable both companies to produce innovative solutions for systems management.

Given how fundamental Hyperic is to Red Hat's business through Red Hat Network (RHN) and JON, this is a critically important move for Red Hat. It's also a vote of confidence in Hyperic. Perhaps most importantly, it's a way to advance the platform and make it open source, something that Red Hat has talked about for the past year but which hadn't materialized. Stacey Schneider of Hyperic commented to me:

As you know, back in 2005 [Hyperic] was originally OEMed to create JON before the Red Hat acquisition. At the time, the software licensed was still closed and the software has not been upgraded since. Rather JBoss and now Red Hat has been updating the software privately. The new project will update the software contributions from Hyperic to its latest software, contribute the additional code written by the JON team, and work jointly to create a roadmap of future features. And of course make it all open source!

So that others can build on this platform and benefit from it. So that customers can remove any vestiges of lock-in. So that there is one more serious weapon in the open-source arsenal for customers and vendors.

Well done.

UPDATE: I inadvertently stated that the RHN code base includes Hyperic's software. As Clifford (of Red Hat) points out in the comment below, it does not. I apologize for the confusion.