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ReCycle bicycles made from all-recycled aluminum

The next time you recycle an empty six-pack of energy drink cans, it may end up in the frame of a ReCycle bike.

ReCycle mBula
That's one mean green machine.

Bike riding is already a more environmentally conscious pursuit than driving around in a car, but you can really take it to the green extreme with a bike made from 100-percent-recycled aluminum. ReCycle is working at raising funds on Kickstarter to put its first full run of bikes into production.

There are some nice design tweaks that make the ReCycle bikes stand out. The usual seat tube support is gone. Two of the models have belts rather than chains. The eco-friendly aspects go beyond the use of recycled aluminum. The bikes also have saddles and grips made from cork.

The cost of a ReCycle bike is on the opposite end of the spectrum from the $9 recycled cardboard bike we saw earlier this year. The Moshi Moshi model is $2,000. To put it into production, ReCycle will need to gather 50 orders for Moshi Moshi models. The same holds true for the Mudmaste and mBula bikes.

The price tag may put some buyers off, but it's not crazy for a high-end bike, much less one fashioned out of recycled aluminum. If the company gets off the ground, it's hoping to eventually implement a program through which customers can bring in used aluminum items and have them turned into a new bike. Better start saving up your Red Bull cans.

Belt on ReCycle bike
A closer look at the belt. ReCycle