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Reclaiming my brain from the Internet

I'm struggling to pay attention. You? Here is some advice.

I really like this post over on the 43 Folders blog on "attention management." I've been thinking a lot lately about how to reclaim my brain from the Internet vortex, and the simple advice to unplug struck a chord.

...[T]ime management has no prayer of working if it's not accompanied by even tighter attention management.

Now, hearing and appreciating that advice is one thing. Doing it is quite another. I'm going to take baby steps this week. I'm actually going to start listening on those conference calls instead of blogging. :-)

By the way, I got a Kindle before yesterdays' flight to London, hoping to pack even lighter. I've long enjoyed reading, but I found that I was able to immerse myself in my "book" more completely with the Kindle than I have with a paperback in a long time. I'm going to write up a separate review, but I was very impressed.