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Recap: Diary of a cable TV cord cutter

CNET editor David Katzmaier cut his cable cord TV for a month, then reconnected. Read the full diary to find out why.

Cutting the cable TV cord was tougher than I thought it would be.

My wife, eBeth, and I decided to disable our Verizon Fios TV service to save roughly $100 per month, and I chronicled the good, the bad, and the ugly in the diary entries indexed below.

At the end, I reconnected TV for what amounts to $35 per month (and $50/month the following year) for the TV portion of my new Fios bill. After a few days back on the cable TV pipe, including an amazing Knicks almost-win versus the Celtics for me and lots of "Watch What Happens" for eBeth, we're both happier, albeit somewhat poorer, than before.

Cutting cable was harder than I thought, and in retrospect I should have done a few things differently. But I learned a lot during the process and--judging by the hundreds of comments from interested readers, long-time and potential cord cutters, and, yes, eBeth herself--I'm not the only one.

So I invite you along to explore the too-short ride from Day 1, and even if you're disappointed by the final result, remember that cutting is not only possible, it's potentially more rewarding than ever thanks to new technology and Internet services. Rather than discourage you from trying, I hope my reports, and the comments of readers, can contribute some insight to help you make the right TV-related decision for you and your family.

The full diary