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Rear-view mirror doubles as GPS radar

GPSMirror can watch for speed traps and traffic jams

With all the technology that's poured into the interior of today's cars, perhaps most surprising is the evolution of the lowly rear-view mirror. As we've noted, various automakers are outfitting them with Webcams to check blind spots, including some that fade away when not in use. Now, it's being used as a radar to detect speed traps too.


The "GPSMirror" checks traffic conditions as well, using its built-in database to look for "accident black spots, common mobile cameras, and fixed safety camera locations," according to NaviGadget. It's not clear how that database gets updated, which would seem crucial for this system to work, or whether there's any cost associated with that--the way some onboard GPS systems require you to buy new mapping CDs.

That aside, this looks like a pretty nifty gadget. The $400 price tag seemed a bit steep at first, but then we figured it would probably pay for itself in savings on the cost of a couple speeding tickets.