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Real snake on a plane slithers out during flight

Passengers on an Aeromexico flight get a creepy-crawly surprise when a green snake makes an in-flight appearance.

The 2006 Samuel L. Jackson movie "Snakes on a Plane" almost qualifies as a documentary in hindsight after passengers on a nonfictional airplane caught sight of a real snake slinking around inside the cabin.

Twitter user Indalecio Medina posted a short video of the incident on Sunday showing the green reptile hanging from near the plane's ceiling.

The snake appears to be uncoiling from beside an overhead luggage compartment. It eventually drops most of its body down and dangles there. Based on the lack of screaming, it seems the passengers handled the surprise with an impressive amount of calm.

Aeromexico workers captured the snake after the plane landed in Mexico City, according to the AP. The airline is investigating how the snake got there with an aim of preventing any further issues with reptile stowaways.

Snakes are popping up in strange places all over the world. In August, T-Mobile shared a photo of a gnarly snake-fest on a cell tower. Earlier this month, a UK couple got quite a surprise when a bright-orange corn snake snuck into their vacuum cleaner.