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Real life Halo vehicle

Halo has a real life vehicle, from the same folks who made those creepy gorilla things in Lord of the Rings. We'd rather have the car.

Bungie.net / WETA

Rarely has a piece of cinematic automotive ingenuity inspired so much awe in me since I saw the Batmobile in the first Batman film. Not to take anything away from the arguably more powerful successor in Batman Begins, but this real-life version of the "Warthog" vehicle from the Halo videogame series looks like it would be a bit more fun to drive, and perhaps a little easier to parallel park.

Made by the team at WETA Workshop, the same folks who just happened to do most of the effects work on the Lord of the Rings series, this real life Warthog is fully drivable. As you can see from the one picture that's been made available, it's pretty realistic inside and out, right down to the green hubcaps and turret that's been strapped to the back. My only question is what kind of stereo they've got in this thing.

[via Bungie.net blog]