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Razr Maxx unseats iPhone for first time on Verizon

An analyst says for the first time since its landing in North America, the iPhone is not No. 1 on all carriers this quarter.

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The iPhone has lost the throne as the best-selling smartphone at all North American carriers for the first time since its launch on the continent, according to William Blair analyst Anil Doradla.

Doradla says in a note to investors that his "checks" indicate the iPhone is still the top seller this quarter on AT&T and Sprint, but that the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx is the new king of the hill on Verizon:

our checks highlight initial signs of Apple's momentum under pressure, particularly at Verizon, which we believe is from the operator aggressively marketing competing 4G devices...

This would be consistent with my personal experience calling Verizon to upgrade earlier this year. I asked about the iPhone 4S and the salesperson on the other end was quick to point out the iPhone's lack of 4G LTE compatibility, and immediately began steering me in the direction of the 4G Razr or Galaxy Nexus.

Doradla says they don't believe consumers are holding off on iPhone purchases in anticipation of a next-generation phone just yet, but that may change in the next few months. He added that he's not worried about the future for the iPhone, calling an upcoming 4G iPhone an "important catalyst for the company."

In other words, the iPhone has just taken a little break from dominating the smartphone game of King of the Hill to go get a snack and refuel.

One final note for you Galaxy Nexus fans -- by Doradla's count it's the number three phone on Verizon behind the Razr Maxx and iPhone.

Source: Barron's via BGR.