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Rate your friends online

Community Web site FriendChart, now in beta, urges you to tell your friends how much you like--or dislike--them.

Do you have the urge to tell your friends how much you like them or maybe dislike them? Now you can share your feelings about them on community Web site FriendChart, which debuted this week in beta. The site slogan is "Your friends at glance".

Interested? I wouldn't do it. It's OK to put yourself out there--that's a personal choice. But to expose your friends and rate them, that's drawing a line, at least for me. I haven't even thought about my friends in terms of scores.

In an example of one rating, FriendChart founder Patrick Jackson gives a 4,5 score out of 15 for a person he met a few times. "Met XXX at a swimmers party--I think it was a birthday. Didn't know him too well then, but had fun hanging out. There were cards and beer pong involved. Fun!"

Not only can you rate and write about your friends, your profile also provides charts on how much time you actually spend with them, for example. So if one of your friends feels left out, he or she can compare the time you spend with them compared to others.

Jackson's description of a friend chart is that "it's natural for friends to come and go in our lives. A friend chart is a way to capture the natural beauty of this ebb and flow," he said in a statement.

The HTML coding is available to add charts to other Web communities such as, and is constantly updated with the new information you publish of your friends on FriendChart.

The official release of the site is scheduled for January 2008.