Raspberry Rally: How Can You Order the Newest Girl Scout Cookie?

Many troops have run out of Raspberry Rallys and some online resellers are asking for $100 a box.

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Raspberry Rally Girl Scout cookies

Only available via online sale, Raspberry Rally Girl Scout cookies have sold out in many regions.

Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

Girl Scout Cookie season is well underway and, this year, the organization has launched a new flavor: Raspberry Rally, a vegan cookie that's similar to the beloved Thin Mint, but with a pink raspberry center. 
The cookie officially went on sale on Monday, and Girl Scout councils in many regions are already reporting they are sold out.

"Never in a million years did I think that it would sell out as quickly as it did," Judi Startzman, marketing officer for Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma, told the Oklahoman.

"This is yet another example of what girls learn from participating in the cookie program," Startzman added. "Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned and you have to learn how to pivot."

Some of the $5 boxes are being auctioned off on eBay for as much as $180, though the Girl Scouts strongly discourages the illegal resale of its cookies.

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What are Raspberry Rallys?

The Girl Scouts has been releasing a new cookie every season for the past several years. The organization describes the Raspberry Rally as a "thin, crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in a chocolaty coating." 
There are approximately 32 cookies in each box, with a single serving (about four cookies) having 160 calories.


The new Raspberry Rally cookies are 100% vegan.

Girl Scouts of America

Where can you get Raspberry Rally cookies?

Raspberry Rallys are the Girl Scouts' first online exclusive and only a limited quantity were produced.
"Offering Raspberry Rally online allows Girl Scouts to learn new skills and build their e-commerce business," the organization said in a statement.
Many Girl Scout councils report they're already sold out but you can see if they're available in your area by entering your ZIP code into the Girl Scout Cookie Finder or texting "COOKIES" to 59618 for instructions.

What do Raspberry Rally cookies taste like?

Two different bakeries are licensed to manufacture Girl Scout Cookies -- ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers.
There's some variation in ingredients and preparation, so I tried Raspberry Rally cookies from both.

The cookies from ABC Bakers could easily be mistaken for Thin Mints, as they have the same chocolate-coated appearance. They're soft to the bite, with just a bit of crunch and a raspberry flavor that really stands out.

Little Brownie Bakers' version smells more like raspberry, though the flavor isn't as overpowering when you taste it. The cookie has a less artificial taste and a texture that reminded me of a softer shortbread cookie.

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