Rare 'Star Wars' blooper reel emerges on YouTube

Entertaining "Star Wars" outtake footage that few have seen (until now) makes its way onto the Web.

This scene didn't quite go as planned.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

What you see on the big screen is only a small part of the story of making a movie. Some of the best moments are usually kept hidden away, only to emerge later on blooper reels, if you're lucky. We've certainly gotten lucky with the appearance of a short blooper reel from "Star Wars."

There are some classic moments on offer, including flubbed lines, stray Wookiee arm hair getting in the way, and Stormtroopers falling all over each other. The first 48 seconds have no sound, which really just adds to the hilarity of costumes failing, C-3PO taking a tumble in the sand, and a land speeder losing part of its undercarriage.

The clips were originally compiled by J.W. Rinzler, an editor for Lucasfilm who found the treasures in the company's archives. A select crowd was able to view the video at Comic-Com earlier this year, but the wider world now has a shot at seeing it thanks to the YouTube appearance.

Better hurry up and watch it. There's always a chance Disney's lawyers will take a legal lightsaber to the upload and ruin the fun.