Raon Everun Note: Dual-core, touch-screen Netbook

The Raon Everun Note is a 7-inch Netbook with a dual-core CPU and touch-screen display.

Raon Digital

What's this, a dual-core Netbook? Every Netbook we've reviewed to date has featured a single-core CPU, which in almost all cases has been the 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270. Not so with Raon Digital's Everun Note, which casts aside the Atom in favor of an 1.2GHz AMD Turion X2 chip.

The Everun Note is tiny, even for Netbook standards. It weighs just 1.6 pounds and features a 7-inch display. Impressively, the display features a 1,024x600 resolution, which is the same resolution found on larger 9- and 10-inch Netbooks. (The Asus Eee PC 4G and the Sylvania G Netbook, both 7-inch models, have a 800x480 resolution.) The display is also a touch screen--another Netbook first. Your other input option, aside from the small keyboard, is an optical nub that acts as your mouse, flanked by two small mouse buttons. The mouse sensor looks to be a sort of optical version of the red eraser track point found on ThinkPads.

Personally, I'd rather have a dual-core CPU inside a larger Netbook where I may be able to take advantage of the added performance. I feel cramped on a 10-inch Netbook, so I just don't see myself doing much multitasking or Photoshop work on a 7-inch model.

I also don't see myself or many others rushing to pick up the Everun Note because a config with the Turion X2 chip, 1GB of RAM, a 60GB hard, and no OS costs $799. Add another $50 to that if you want XP Home. A similar model with a 24GB SSD and XP Pro costs $999. Even the entry-level model with a single-core Sempron chip, a 16GB SSD, and Ubuntu Linux costs $659, which surpasses our self-imposed $500 price cap for Netbooks. Should you want to indulge yourself with the tiny and pricey Everun Note, you can find it for sale on