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Random sampler: Chubbier websites, Canada the pirate, profligate Google, and Macs ascendant

Some random news from around the net.

Lots of great news today, though not much that relates to open source, per se. First of all, it's interesting to seethat the average web page size has tripled since 2003. Why? No reasons are given, but the data is highly interesting. Have a look.

The US has released a list of the worst companies for respecting intellectual property. The usual suspects are all there: China, Russia, Argentina, Chile, India, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, and Venezuela. But so is Canada. Canada???

Despite the downturn, Apple continues to do well with a 51 percent rise in Mac sales. IDC puts Apple at 6 percent of the desktop market, up from 4.9 percent this time last year. Not bad....

Lastly, some are asking why Google is neglecting Blogger/Blogspot, its blogging service. Um, take a look at all Google products beyond its advertising business. Google is much like a traditional open-source project: Loves to get started but doesn't always put on the final polish. Google's engineering culture works on what is interesting to it, which is why so many of its products start strong and then fade...with the attention of its developers. At some point, Google is going to run into a determined competitor and will pay for its ADD.