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Ramos alarm clock makes you go to another room to turn it off

Inventors have come up with increasingly annoying alarm clocks designed to get even the heaviest sleeper out of bed. The Ramos clock on Kickstarter may have them all beat.

LED Ramos clock
The LED Ramos clock will force you out of bed in the morning.
Paul Sammut

Let's review some of the most obnoxious alarm clocks to ever grace our nightstands. Clocky is an alarm with wheels that runs away from you. Tocky rolls around. The Defusable Clock requires cutting the right wire to subdue the alarm.

Nixie Ramos clock
The Nixie Ramos features tubes, glorious tubes! (Click to enlarge.) Paul Sammut

The Ramos clock on Kickstarter is also into defusion, but you're going to have to crawl out of your warm bed, locate the wireless control panel, and punch in a series of numbers that changes every day.

The disarm panel can be set to require the day's date or a set of random digits displayed by the clock. You could end up groggily standing in your kitchen in your nightie, trying to remember what day it is. It's effective, but oh-so-cruel.

A $160 pledge gets you an LED version of the clock with a birch housing. The real star of the project is the Nixie Ramos. It replaces the LEDs with out-of-production Soviet Union tubes that make it look like a prop from a 1960s sci-fi film. The Nixie costs $350.

I would caution Ramos buyers with roommates or spouses. All it would take is one prankster hiding your disarm panel to leave your ears ringing all morning.