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Ralph Lauren wants you to want him right now

Luxury retailer becomes the first of its kind to try on mobile-shopping capabilities in its quest to satisfy the impulses of every Silicon Valley CEO.

Do you want a Polo shirt right now? You know, a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, the sort that will make you feel rich, peppy, and preppy.

The sort that will make you believe you can ride a horse, captain a yacht, and wear that greasy side-parting with pride.

Well, soon, all you will need is your cell phone--and the willingness to spend a ton of money in order to look like a Wall Street analyst on a Saturday afternoon.

That's because Ralph Lauren has decided to embrace mobile technology in order to satisfy the impulses of every Silicon Valley CEO. Every day, not just Friday.

It isn't easy to use your cell phone when you're playing. CC Tokyo Tanenhaus

What is lovely is that the company will begin to include special codes in its print ads, direct mail, and even its store windows. All you need to do to increase your sartorial pulling power is flick your cell phone over the codes. Then, the pink shirt with the large logo of Prince Charles (well, I always imagine it's Prince Charles) will appear at your door courtesy, one imagines, of a man in a rather less fetching brown uniform.

You'll even be able to download special software to your camera-phone. The software will enable you to scan the codes, go to the mobile section of the Ralph Lauren site and watch tennis videos. (Yes, this is being launched to coincide with this week's very sweaty U.S. Open tennis tournament.)

I don't know about you, but the only bits of Ralph Lauren I've ever been able to place next to my body are the vintage shorts you can pick up at Urban Outfitters.

However, I know many of you will appreciate the ability to achieve instantaneous luxury-brand satisfaction on one of your favorite technological instruments. And I understand that Ralph Lauren is the first luxury brand to commit itself to mobile technology.

Ralph, whose real name is Ralph Lifshitz, has always been one to know how to exploit his image to the right crowd.

Do you remember his appearance on Friends? Kids will be playing it on their cell phones one day.