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'Raiders' theater is buried treasure

The equipment isn't state of the art, but the design is what counts here.

Electronic House

Its media gear may not be state of the art, but we're just happy to see a home theater that, for once, doesn't have a Star Wars or Star Trek theme. The designers of this Raiders of the Lost Ark theater were commissioned to spend more time on ambience than technical specs, if that's not obvious from the photos. That means special attention was paid to such props as torches, hieroglyphics and Indiana's trademark hat, jacket and whip, as well as the original idol from the movie's opening, according to Electronic House.

The room, which measures 18 by 12 feet in its owners' Canadian home, is bath in a Lutron Grafik Eye theater lighting system for maximum dramatic effect. It also features an NEC HT1000 projector and Control4 Home Theater Controller. But no snakes.