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Rabid Weight Loss System: Lose weight the zombie way

How far would you go to have no body fat? The Rabid Weight Loss parody reminds us the lengths people will go to stay skinny.

Lose weight the zombie way!
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Paleo Diet. Atkins Diet. Raw Food Diet. South Beach Diet. While many of these fad diets may have let some of us down in the search for the ultimate body weight, perhaps the Rabid Weight Loss System is for you. That is, if you don't mind yelling at strangers and looking like a zombie.

In this parody video, created by Alberto Belli, Stephanie Jackson, and Ellen Wroe, we see a woman who could scare even the creepiest "Walking Dead" zombie after she's been on the Rabid Weight Loss System.

The parody infomercial shows how the system helps people shed unwanted pounds by stimulating metabolism while suppressing the appetite using a formula created by mixing the uterine sack of wood termites with a dormant strain of the Asian rabies virus.

Some side effects may include dry mouth, perspiration and an explicably foul odor, violent aggression, hallucinations, changes in sex drive, gender crisis, unexplained melancholy, and descent into madness.

The results from using the Rabid Weight Loss System turn heads, just not the way you might want.