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R2-D2, you're our only hope for a droid projector keyboard

Instead of a hologram of Princess Leia pleading for help, this beloved "Star Wars" astromech projects a virtual keyboard.

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Bonnie Burton profile photo
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Bonnie Burton

Let R2-D2 light the way with this virtual keyboard. Imp

May your keyboard always be with you. "Star Wars" fans can type on any flat surface with the help of this handy R2-D2 virtual keyboard projector, thanks to Japanese retailer Runatown and electronics manufacturer Imp.

This adorkable R2 unit is 70mm wide, 97mm tall, and 49mm in diameter (slightly smaller than an iPhone). It's priced at approximately $330.

The little droid projects an entire keyboard lit from a red laser diode which can be adjusted for brightness. The keyboard contains 68 keys (English array) and a projection size of 99mm×238mm.

R2-D2 also makes his signature beeping and whistle sounds when he is turned on and off, and when you change settings. Typing sound effects can be activated if you miss the clicking sounds your fingertips normally make on a computer keyboard.

The R2 keyboard projector connects via Bluetooth and works with iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices. It's powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with an operating time of about two hours.

Preorders started on Star Wars Day -- May the 4th -- but delivery doesn't begin until the end of August, though some lucky tech bloggers have been given prototypes to try out.