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QWERTY keyboard pumps out hydraulic cocktails

Russian artist invents a contraption that uses a QWERTY keyboard to mix cocktails based on which letters are pushed. It then squeezes the liquid through an LCD-style display.

Morskoiboy cocktail keyboard machine
Bartender, pour me a word. Morskoiboy

If you've ever wondered what words taste like, you're now in luck. Russian artist Morskoiboy has created a contraption that mixes cocktails based on letters.

Behold, the Typewriter Cocktail Machine. It's the illegitimate child of a Remington crossed with a bottle of Smirnoff. It features more tubes than the DareDroid 2.0 cocktail-making dress and has a rainbow of flavored syrups at its disposal.

It's hard to describe exactly how this contraption works, but I'm going to try. Each key on the keyboard is a syringe pump. Push it down and it sucks syrup from a corresponding bottle, mixing it with the top-mounted alcoholic beverage of your choice.

The resulting combination of liquids lights up an LCD-style display that shows the letter you just pushed. It all gets mixed together in a glass off to the side. The video below should answer your questions.

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It took Morskoiboy a couple of months to build and fine-tune his creation. You can get an in-depth look at the infernal mechanisms on his blog. He suggests matching syrup flavors to the letters they represent. For example, "l" could stand for "lime" or "k" for Kahlua.

This makes me wonder what "Crave" tastes like. I'm guessing a mix of cranberry and agave at about 70 proof. Delicious.

(Via PopSci)