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Quiz: 'Star Wars' name, ballplayer, or Thai food?

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, we've put together a very odd quiz. Almost as odd as some of the names in the Star Wars series.

Wookiees and Ewoks enjoy word games as a way to pass time while awaiting the space-elevator. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Star Wars just turned 30, and with it, a whole slew of silly names just turned 30, too.

Greedo? Oola? Pablo-Jill? Isn't anyone in space just named Steve?

There are enough silly names in the Star Wars universe to inspire an equally silly game, so I've gone ahead and done that.

Of the words below, all you have to do is figure out whether each one is a Star Wars character, a baseball player from the days of yore, or a Thai food dish. You'll be amazed at how hard it can be.

Good luck! The answers appear in the TalkBack section below, which is practically begging for you to list your favorite Star Wars characters, baseball names, and other silly words.

Star Wars character, baseball player, or Thai food?

  1. Mee Krop
  2. Admiral Schlei
  3. Max Rebo
  4. Van Lingle Mungo
  5. Mungo Baobab
  6. Kit Fisto
  7. Bibb Falk
  8. Larb
  9. Dengar
  10. Chalmun
  11. Namtok
  12. Choo-Chee Plah Ga-Pong
  13. Putsy Caballero
  14. Pote Snitkin
  15. Sig Jakucki
  16. Dud Bolt
  17. Muddy Ruel
  18. Kaeng Musuman
  19. Pad See Ew
  20. Ody Mandrell
  21. Urban Shocker
  22. Stass Allie
  23. Voolvif Monn
  24. Rad Na
  25. Eppa Rixey
  26. Sibby Sisti
  27. Phat Kaphrao
  28. Muftak
  29. Pickles Dillhoefer
  30. Fried Banana with Ice Cream

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