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Quikdraw your lens for fast shooting

We've heard of holsters for cameras, but now you can swap lenses on the go with this belt-mounted lens holster accessory.

Riley Kimball

We've heard of holsters for cameras, such as the Roberu leather holster or the Spider holster, but what about one for dSLR lenses?

Compared with typical lens holsters -- which are basically small nylon bags that carry a single lens -- the Quikdraw system allows shutterbugs to quickly swap between multiple lenses.

All you need to do is to strap on a belt and you'll be able to hang several lenses from your waist. The lenses are mounted on the Quikdraw units and dismounted with a twist-and-lock motion, just like what you do when mounting lenses on a camera body.

Made from aircraft aluminum and high-strength precision molded plastic, the Quikdraw is anodized for extra durability and is only compatible with Canon EOS and Nikon F mount lenses at the moment. Each Quikdraw lets you hold one lens, and you'll need to buy multiple units to carry your lens arsenal around your waist.

Riley Kimball

Currently, the item is part of a Kickstarter campaign (it's gotten $24,166 toward its $100,000 funding goal at the time of this writing), but you'll be able to order one for your Nikon or Canon dSLR lenses via its limited early-bird special at $75. They'll cost $80 each thereafter and are expected to ship in October if the funding campaign is successful.

We think this may appeal to wedding and event photographers who may want more lens options even if one already owns a second dSLR camera body. Here's a video to give you an idea how the Quikdraw works:

Spinning rendering from Quikdraw on Vimeo.

(Source: Crave Asia via Petapixel)