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Quickly view Google Play purchase history on Android

Ever wanted to view only your Google Play purchase history from your Android device? Well now you can with this free app.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

When setting up a new device, it's nice to go back and make sure you've downloaded all of your purchased apps (or any purchased content for that matter), but Google's Play store app doesn't make it easy for this to happen at the moment. Currently your download history contains both free and paid apps, with no way to separate the two.

My Purchases is a free Android app that allows users to view their entire Google Play purchase history with just a few taps, as first reported by Droid Life.

After you install the free or Pro version of the app, you grant it access to your purchase history and it will compile a list of your past purchases from Google Play. The list isn't limited to just apps; as it also includes any music, devices, movies, or TV shows you've purchased. You can then quickly view and download the item from the Play store.

Both the free and paid versions of My Purchases will reveal your purchase history. The only difference between the two, besides the $1.29 price point, is that the paid version will remove all ads from the app.