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Quick Take: Vizio E320VL and E370VL

CNET did not review these sizes in the Vizio E0VL series, but we did review a larger model with a few different specifications.

Although we didn't review the 32- or 37-inch members of Vizio's E0VL series of LCD TVs--the E320VL and E370VL--we did review the 47-inch E470VL, and believe that review will provide some indication of how these smaller models will perform.

The spec sheets of two smaller models differ from the larger, respectively, in terms of native resolution (the smaller models are 1,366x768 pixels, or 720p, and the larger are 1,920x1,080 pixels, or 1080p) response time (5ms vs. 8ms), refresh rate (60Hz vs. 120Hz), and associated dejudder processing. Among these differences, we suspect that only refresh rate will affect picture quality in a significant way. For that reason, the Video Processing section of the review of the E470VL will not apply to the smaller models. Native resolution is not important for video sources in this case, but will affect the PC performance of the smaller displays.

On the other hand the 32- and 37-inch members of the series do have the same contrast ratio and viewing angle specifications, as well as identical color controls, so we expect the other components of the Performance section of the E470VL review to provide a good indication of how the E320VL and E370VL will perform.

In terms of features the smaller models also have fewer HDMI inputs HDMI inputs (two vs. three) and lack picture-in-picture and a USB input.

For more information refer to the full review of the Vizio E0VL series.