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Quick Take: Panasonic TC-PU1 series

CNET has not reviewed the Panasonic TC-PU1 series, but we have reviewed a similar series of plasma TVs.

Panasonic's TC-PU1 series is available in three screen sizes: the 42-inch TC-P42U1, the 46-inch TC-P46U1, and the 50-inch TC-P50U1.

While CNET has not reviewed the Panasonic TC-PU1 series, we have reviewed the company's slightly more-expensive TC-PS1 series. The two series of 1080p plasma HDTVs are very similar similar aside from a few key differences. The S1 series has a higher native contrast ratio spec (40,000:1 vs. 30,000:1) and an antireflective coating on the screen, so we expect it to exhibit slightly better black levels and bright-room performance than the U1. The S1 also has slightly higher motion resolution (1080 vs. 900 lines) and a NeoPDP panel that uses less power, but these differences should have a negligible impact on picture quality.

Check out the full review of the Panasonic TC-PS1 series for more information.