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QR code Star Trek costume for Halloween slacker

Redditor adriannezy combines laziness and geek chic for a QR code Halloween costume that links to a photo of herself in an actual All Hallow's Eve getup.

QR code Halloween costume
Redditor adriannezy displays enthusiasm for her Halloween costume.
adriannezy, via Reddit

I dressed up as a train engineer for a Halloween party, and it took half an hour to get the straps on my overalls adjusted right. Life would have been a lot easier if I had just gone with a QR code like Reddit user adriannezy.

QR code Star Trek photo
And here's the big reveal, Scotty. adriannezy, via Reddit

She works in an IT department and wanted to participate in Halloween at an absolute minimum level. So she went with a QR code on her shirt.

The QR code links to a photo of her in a Star Trek costume that looks like a cross between Uhura and Spock. This represents geek chic on multiple levels.

I'm not sure why adriannezy didn't want to wear that outfit at work. A tricorder should be very helpful for diagnosing computer problems on the job.

I also have one of those Star Trek uniform dresses and I'm guessing the real issue is the itsy-bitsy mini-skirt.

The costume idea has racked up a lot of comments on Reddit. Adriannezy chimed in on the experience. "I've had groups of guys holding phones up to my chest all day. It's been awkward," she wrote.

This isn't surprising. We've seen the boob-scanning phenomenon with QR codes before.

Next Halloween, I may QR code link back to a picture of one of my costume glories of the past--like Dolly Parton or young Elvis--and save the hassle of a new costume.