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Qantas to offer Wi-Fi in flight

Where's the rest of the airline industry?


Note to U.S. airlines: Watch what Qantas is doing. The Australian airliner will offer Wi-Fi and electrical outlets on its new A380 and renovated 747-400s next year, according to Engadget. The cost of these perks hasn't been made public, but the carrier will reportedly install power sockets even in some economy cabins.

To which we can't help but respond: Where's the rest of the airline industry on this? For all the hassles and wasted time passenger must endure in the fiasco that passes for air travel these days, the least carriers can do is provide basic Internet access--for a fee, of course, because nothing comes free at 30,000 feet. And to show how passionately we feel about this subject, we're booking a trip to Sydney right now. Take that, United.