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Qantas Airbus A380 designer wins London award

Marc Newson gains recognition for his work intersecting art and engineering.

Marc Newson, the Australian industrial designer known for his passion for melding art and technology, was awarded the London Design Medal on Wednesday at the London Design Festival.

Though you may not recognize the name Marc Newson, chances are you recognize Newson's work.

Newson designed the space plane for EADS Astrium in 2007.

Marc Newson (right) inside the interior of the EADS Astrium space plane he designed. EADS Astrium/Marc Newson/Eyedea Presse Gamma/Marie-Sophie Leturcq

The famous "Lockheed Lounge" chair that fetched record-breaking auction sums for a living designer was designed by Newson in 1985.

Newson's "Lockheed Lounge" chair. Marc Newson/Pod

So was the O21C Concept Car for Ford Motor in 1999.

The O21C 1999 Ford Motor concept car. Marc Newson/Ford Motor

Newson also designed the Talby cell phone for the Japanese-based company KDDI.

Talby cell phone Marc Newson/KDDI

The Megapode watch for the Ikepod Watch Company was designed by Newson. The chronograph includes a circular slide rule and can be used to calculate fuel consumption, or plot range and distance for pilots, as well as keep date and time. "Never has so much information fit onto a watch dial" is the Megapode's claim to fame.

Medapode watch for Newson's Ikepod watch company. Marc Newson/Ikepod

The "Skybed" for Qantas airlines, the Qantas lounge in Sydney, Australia, and most recently, the cabin for the Qantas Airbus A380 "Superjumbo" jet were designed by Newson.

Qantas lounge in Sydney, Australia. Marc Newson/Qantas

Other famous Marc Newson designs include bicycles for Biomega, bathroom fixtures for Ideal Standard, furniture for Cappellini, household objects for Alessi and a sneaker for Nike.