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Pyrrhic price victory for Dell's 19-inch monitor

Does the 19-inch Dell IN1910n make too many concessions?

Sure it's cheap, but at what cost?...Ok, bad joke.

Budget-minded consumers looking for a new monitor are likely to go with the cheapest model available. That's the point of a budget product, right? You make concessions on features and performance up-front so you aren't dipping deeply into your wallet.

Well, sometimes going with something that has the least initial impact on the pocketbook isn't always the best idea, even when saving money is a priority. Take the Dell IN1910. For $129, it gives you a 1,366x768-pixel wide-screen resolution, a comprehensive onscreen display, and a tilt-screen feature.

This small feature set would be fine for a budget monitor, but that's not where this story ends. Unfortunately, the display's low resolution, in combination with its analog video connection, made for some interesting results. By "interesting," I mean not good. I lay out the details in my full review of the Dell IN1910N.

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