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Put the fun in funeral

With Creative Coffins, you can design your own eco-friendly coffin to go out in style and show your final concern for your environmental impact.

By customizing your coffin, you too can go out in style. MakeUseOf.com

Who says you can't take your toys with you? With Creative Coffins, you can choose to be buried in a coffin using a stock design--including flags, nature scenes, and sports--or you can customize one to fit your personality.

According to Creative Coffins' Web site, you can use any design you like, but some company names and logos are subject to copyright and can be used only with permission (I guess you can't escape copyright issues even in death).

According to the U.K. company, each cartonboard coffin weighs less than 22 pounds and is made from at least 60 percent recycled materials. The box is assembled using natural starch glue instead of synthetic resins, nuts and bolts, tape, and so on. The design is intended to lessen your environmental impact even when you're pushing up daisies.

Remember, if you choose to use your favorite video game, respawning is not guaranteed.

Coffin with a sunflower design
You can choose to push up daisies, or sunflowers. Creative Coffins

(Source: Digg via MakeUseOf.com)