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Put iOS 7's Control Center on your Android device

If you're an Android user and have a bit of iOS 7 envy, you can get iOS 7's Control Center on your device.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

One of the things Apple discussed and demoed during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June was a new feature, Control Center, coming in iOS 7. This feature is the first time Apple has brought quick access to frequently used device settings. Once iOS 7 is released this fall, users will be able to swipe up from the bottom of any screen to activate Control Center and then toggle Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and screen rotation, plus plenty more settings and features.

Android has no shortage of methods of accessing device settings from any screen, but that doesn't stop developers from getting creative. One such developer, Hi Tools Studio, has decided to take iOS 7's Control Center and bring it to Android (click here to download). As covered by Addictive Tips, you're just a few minutes away from having a bit of iOS 7 on your device before iOS users have it.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

The free app looks and acts exactly like iOS 7's Control Center, with the addition of a few additional features. After installing the app, toggle the service on and then adjust where you'd like the arrow (the icon you touch to activate the service) to be placed. If you're having trouble seeing the arrow, be sure to adjust the height. I wasn't able to see the arrow -- let alone activate it -- at the baseline 5dp setting.

Any time you want to access Control Center you simply tap and press the arrow until your device vibrates (assuming you left vibrate on in the settings) and then slide your finger up. You can access Control Center from any screen on your Android device, including the lock screen.

Once it's pulled up you can tap to toggle Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and rotation lock. Also present is a brightness control, complete with auto brightness toggle and volume and profile settings. Along the bottom of the display you'll find quick access to a flashlight toggle, a clock app, a calculator, the camera, and a Mailbox-like icon. The last icon doesn't actually take you to your inbox, but instead to a page that mimics Apple's Game Center and presents you with games to download.

Should you run into issues with the shortcuts on the bottom not launching an app, tap and hold on the icon to select the app you want it to launch. I had to set the Clock app on my Nexus 4, with all other shortcuts working without any further tinkering.

To close the control panel, drag the arrow at the top of the window down to the bottom of your screen. Using the back or home buttons won't hide it.

(Via Addictive Tips)