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Purebuds earphones protect your ears

If you like to attune your listening experience to your mood and have a vested interest in protecting your ears, the Purebuds earphones are an excellent option--but active types and bass-addicts should steer clear.

CNET Networks/Corinne Schulze

Of almost all gadgets, earbuds have the least surface area to work with, which means external design innovations are often incremental and minute. Color and style are the most noticeable physical characteristics that manufacturers tweak, but neither has an effect on the performance of an earphone. So, what's a new company to do in order to stand out? Make an earbud with an innovative design that influences sound quality.

That's precisely what Amazing Tech Products has done with the Purebuds earphones, a $50 product with uniquely shaped eartips that affect audio output. Add to that some internal technology that purports to protect your hearing, and you've got a pretty intriguing set of earphones.

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