Pure Internet radios hit U.S. shelves July 1

Pure announces its Internet radio products for the U.S., along with pricing and a street date of July 1.

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Photos of the Pure Evoke, Siesta, and Oasis Internet radios.
The Evoke, Oasis, and Siesta Internet radios by Pure Pure

Are you looking for a classy, quality radio that can tune in to both FM and Internet radio stations? Last week, U.K. manufacturer Pure showed me three radio models that could hit the mark, which the company will be bringing to the U.S. starting July 1.

Our CNET UK team has already rated the Evoke Flow, Oasis Flow, and Siesta Flow radios, bestowing all three with an excellent score. We'll want to try them out for ourselves, of course, but I think it's safe to say these high-tech radios aren't too shabby.

Price-wise, you're looking at an MSRP of $229 for the lunchbox-shaped Evoke; $249 for the more rugged, outdoor-friendly Oasis; and $139 for the bedside clock radio, Siesta. Street pricing will probably take a healthy bite out of those numbers.

Pure Internet radios: Evoke, Oasis, Siesta (photos)

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My impressions after handling the radios briefly? The Evoke is at the head of the pack in terms of design and features. It has a bright, crisp OLED display, an option for battery power, and a UI that combines touch-screen control with a dedicated dial for browsing menus. It also comes as the highest-rated by CNET UK, carrying a lofty score of 9.6.

The Oasis takes many of the same features found in the Evoke, and packs it all inside a housing that feels like it could probably survive a shark attack. All of the edges are wrapped in solid aluminum framing and the rubberized knobs and gaskets on the ports look like they'd do a decent job keeping water and mud from ruining your investment. Unlike the Evoke, the Oasis has a rechargeable battery pack built right in.

The Siesta wasn't immediately impressive, looking more like the kind of clock radio you'd pick up at the drug store than a $139 Internet-connect bedside music machine. But if you're a real radio geek who dreams of waking up to a live stream of hip-hop from Azerbaijan, this is the radio for you. The Siesta also comes with a suite of 365 alarm tones, four separate alarms, a spare USB port for charging your gadgets, and an exhaustive list of ambient sounds to fall asleep to.

Not included in Pure's July debut in the U.S. is the future-retro loveliness we glimpsed at CES 2010, called the Sensia. Pure definitely has plans to get this premium Squeezebox-killer into our hands this year, but pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed.