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Psst: Is yours real?

Some manufacturers offer a few tips to spot fake handsets.

Ever wondered if the phone you're using is the real thang? No one wants to be a victim of an exploding counterfeit charger. Here's what some manufacturers advise for consumers purchasing a new handset.


Crave Asia

  • Always purchase devices or accessories from authorized Samsung dealers.
  • All Samsung devices and accessories come in a sealed, high-quality box with a holographic Samsung sticker on the front.
  • There should also be Samsung branding and a model number on the headset and a product certification sticker on the charger.
  • Customers should always insist on a receipt and proof of purchase at the point of buying.

    Sony Ericsson

  • Look at the visual quality of the packaging and the product. Colors and seals used on counterfeit products will differ from Sony Ericsson originals.
  • Check to see if the Sony Ericsson brand and logo look correct. Also, note the spelling of Sony Ericsson. [Editors' note: Obviously, it shouldn't say something like, Sony Ericcson.]
  • Verify the model numbers of the product. The local helpdesks from each country will be able to assist.
  • Purchase from authorized sources such as the Sony Gallery and Sony Ericsson authorized resellers.
  • Look for the Sony Ericsson warranty label.
  • The pricing of the item is a great indicator of its authenticity. It pays to heed the old axiom that "if it's too good to be true, it probably is". If the item has a large discrepancy from the recommended retail price, it warrants a closer look.
  • Sony Ericsson products are made from high-quality materials. Telltale signs of counterfeit goods can often be found in the materials used in the connectors. Original Sony Ericsson goods have system connectors made from special materials that resist tension from frequent usage.


  • All HTC phones proudly display the HTC logo and the logo is professionally printed onto the casing of each phone. If the logo is not present, looks different, or is too easily removed, it is unlikely that it is a genuine HTC phone.
  • Hop on to the http://www.asia.htc.com and familiarize yourself with the model you are interested in. If you must, print out an image of the phone and compare it to the actual unit you are buying.
  • Every HTC phone in Singapore has to have been approved by the IDA, and as such, each phone has an IDA sticker in the battery cavity.
  • Take a look at the battery that's included with the phone. All HTC batteries are rechargeable Lithium-polymer batteries and have several safety and warning labels printed on them in more than one language.
  • Each HTC phone is accompanied by a charger that carries an HTC product number. Ensure that together with each phone, this charger is present.

  • Consumers are strongly advised to approach authorized carriers or the official BlackBerry accessory Web site in order to ensure authenticity of the products they purchase.
  • Accessories can also be purchased online via its corporate Web site. [Editors' note: In other words, buy it online from the official Web site if you cannot get it from authorized carriers.]

    (Source: Crave Asia)