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PS3, Xbox 360 finally outsell Wii--in U.S., anyway

With both the PS3 and Xbox 360 seeing price cuts, they saw strong sales last week that helped them pull slightly past the Wii.

As expected, recent price cuts to the PS3 and Xbox 360 helped boost sales of the two consoles, and a strong showing for both helped propel them past the Wii in the weekly American sales tally. As you can see from the numbers, it's not a huge win, but the price cuts only went into effect in the middle of the week, so we may see a bigger margin of victory next week.

Sony is the big winner. It saw sales of the PS3 jump 104 percent over the previous week, while the Xbox 360's sales spiked 32 percent. Overall, however, it's worth pointing out that the Wii has the lead in terms of worldwide sales and the DS is still king in the U.S. (The PSP also had a nice jump, but that appears to be attributable to the special Dissidia Final Fantasy bundle that went on sale recently).

On a personal note, I picked up a PS3 Slim Thursday at a GameStop in New York. When I asked the salesperson how sales were going on the Slim and Xbox 360, she said both saw big sales last week (especially from preorders on the Slim), but that things had slowed down this week. Interestingly, she said her store's stock of "fat" $299 PS3s was gone. Who bought them? Mainly foreigners who were visiting New York and couldn't wait for the Slim to arrive.

Looking ahead, I think both the PS3 and Xbox 360 will see decent--but not necessarily spectacular--sales over the next couple of months. A lot of people who were waiting for the price cuts will go out and buy systems quickly, but the next big wave of sales will come closer to the holidays.

What do you think? Will Sony and Microsoft will be able to hold a lead over Nintendo? Who will be on top this holiday season?

(Via Engadget via VGChartz)

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