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PS3 Slim: Hot or not?

You've seen the photos and you've read the review, but what do you think about the way the PS3 Slim looks?


PS3 Slim: Hot or not?
Do you think the design of the new PS3 Slim is hot or not?

Hot: The new lighter and sleeker design is a winner
Not: The plastic matte looks cheap and the body is too square
For $300, I don't care what it looks like

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You've seen the photos and you've read the review, but how do you feel about the the PS3 Slim's design? The Slim is 33 percent smaller and 36 percent lighter than the older PS3s but it is now noticeably deeper than before.

The CNET New York office seems to be split down the middle. Some editors think it reminds them of a turntable, while others think it's a slick improvement. Editor Scott Stein sees the console's wideness as odd, while Justin Yu thinks the black matte has a vintage appeal.

There are varying reports from around the Internet as well. Dave Zatz said in his post Meet the PS3 Slim, now with more ugly!: "But this PS3 Slim with textured matte surface reminds me of some old plastic outdoor furniture we used to have. Or maybe a Foreman grill knockoff."

Whichever way you slice it, this new PS3 Slim is here to stay and it'll be the only one available once the current stock of PlayStation 3s are sold out. So what do you think? Is the new PS3 Slim hot or not?