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Protesters go after the wrong SOPA

Angry copyright legislation protesters leave nasty messages on the SOPA Web site. That would be the Scottish Organic Producers Association Web site.

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When emotions take you over, your rational mind often books a two-week trip to Cancun.

This is surely what happened when some protesters discovered that SOPA, that dastardly piece of proposed legislation aimed at preventing the online world from owning Hollywood (in an emotional sense), had its own Web site.

So, as the Register legislates it, the Web's advance herd barraged the site with dozens of messages of something not akin to goodwill.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some, indeed, included swear words. For example: "You pass and you\'ll be hated everywhere in the world! Why can\'t you fat f*** americans get this in your uneducated heads?!"

There might be some aspects of education that entirely passed these posters by. You see, this site was sopa.org.uk, the home of the Scottish Organic Producers Association.

The angry mob might have received some clues on focusing for more than one breath on the home page, which enjoys images of sheep, cows, and fruit.

And, being keen readers of the minutiae of legislation, surely they would have noticed the large letters on the home page that read: "Strengthening the prosperity and sustainability of member's businesses by being the champion of the development of organic food and farming in Scotland."

But none of this seemed to stop one protector of Internet freedom from sending this e-mail: "you suck eggs mother f***er sopa."

Well, at least eggs have something to do with farming.

For anyone who needs a little more excitement, my research tells me that Sopa.com is currently for sale. I wonder what someone might pay for it, in order to make it the home of anti-Hollywood philosophizing.