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Protect your delicate skin from those mean, nasty cell phone rays

For the conscious cell phone user. Umm right.


Anti-aging products are everywhere. Most of them merit nary the blink of an eye on Crave, as we choose to focus on personal technology, not personal vanity. Sometimes, however, the two intersect. We recently read on Textually that the French cosmetic company Clarins has launched a new product specifically geared toward protecting one's skin from the effects of cell phone radiation. Really? I knew cell phones gave you brain tumors and killed sperm, but apparently now they can give you wrinkles, too. In other words, your Prada phone might be killing that youthful glow! Quel horreur!

But never fear. Here comes Clarins to the rescue. The new expertise3p product is "an ultra-sheer screen mist containing a pioneering combination of plant extracts capable of protecting the skin from the accelerated-aging affects of all indoor and outdoor air pollution but most significantly, the affects of Artificial Electromagnetic Waves." Apparently, if you spray this stuff on, it'll be a pleasant-smelling force field to keep those naughty cell phone rays off your dainty cheeks.

Um, thanks, but I'll stick to my SPF 55 sunblock.