Projector + Clock = Too Complicated

The design is nice, but it's just not my thing.


What is it with clocks these days? It seems like every day my RSS reader has at least one wacky clock--usually more--showcased on a few of the gadget blogs I read. They're typically not as awful as the watches that we come across, but still...the bird call clock? The unreadable Tetris-esque clock? And don't forget that freaking orrery. I prefer to keep my clocks simple, thankyouverymuch.

Which is why this projector clock, hailing from Japan, is also a "thanks, but no thanks." It's a translucent little box that can sit on your table of choice and uses a 50-watt halogen bulb to project an image of an analog clock onto the wall. The projected image is rather nice, a tad Dali-esque, and I guess it's a cute idea, but if I'm reading the time off the wall, I don't particularly want to have to deal with an object cluttering up my tables, too. Plus, it's the Japanese equivalent of $133; definitely not worth it when I can just pull my cell phone out of my pocket to check the time.

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