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Prizmo's OCR scanner coming to the iPhone

The scanning and perspective correction tech found in Creaceed's desktop software is headed to the iPhone. It'll let you snap business cards or documents, fix perspective, and pull out text.

Prizmo icon

Creaceed's Prizmo software impressed us a few months ago with an update that added camera tethering support and perspective correction to captured images. But the cherry on top was its optical character recognition (OCR) processing, which would pull out text from whatever had been scanned.

That same technology is on its way to a pocket-size version of the software, which should be available for the iPhone in just a few weeks (pending Apple's approval).

The app's crowning feature is that it can fix bad perspective, just like its desktop sibling, as well as let users snap photos without having to press the shutter button. Creaceed has devised a system through which users can simply say "take picture," so as to avoid any unintended shake or distortion from touching the screen.

Once images have been captured, the app will be able to process them for any text, which can be played back through a synthesized voice, copied to the user's clipboard, or sent to another app or cloud service, including Dropbox.

Creaceed is staying mum on the price of the app. The desktop version of the software, which remains exclusive to Macs, sells for $40.

Shots of Prizmo for iPhone
From left to right: snapping a photo then running it through Prizmo's perspective and OCR tools. (click to enlarge) Creaceed/CNET