Pringles-can speakers offer crisp sound

Does sour cream and onion sound better than cheddar cheese?

Procter & Gamble

Pringles, America's favorite stacked potato crisp (is there another stacked potato crisp that's in the No. 2 spot?), is offering up a pair of mini speakers with the purchase of four Super Stack cans of Pringles. The speakers attach to the top of any Pringles can, amplifying whatever sound is coming from an attached MP3 player or whatever with a 3.5mm audio jack.

Getting them is as easy as buying the cans, sending in the receipt with some paperwork, and waiting 10 to 12 weeks for them to arrive (in which time you will have completely forgotten you sent away for these things).

Then you just need to eat and/or throw away two cans worth of Pringles, attach the speakers, plug in, and enjoy (or sob to yourself while listening to woefully underpowered music and wondering why you wanted to turn Pringles cans into speakers in the first place).