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'Purple Rain' tops list of streaming Prince songs as fans go crazy

The title song from the musician's 1984 album and movie was streamed 333,000 times in just two days, with "Let's Go Crazy" not far behind.

What happens when you finally give fans access to stream Prince's music on more than one service? They all reach out for something new -- that means you too. And then they go crazy, and punch a higher floor.

The late and much-missed Purple One's music was previously available for streaming only via Tidal, but as of this week, all streaming platforms made it available.

Want the numbers, as released by Nielsen Music? Remember, they come from the Department of "Duh," because his music was tough to get for so long the pent-up demand shows.

Three songs have been streamed more than 300,000 times in two days, and we bet you know which ones. "Purple Rain" was streamed 333,000 times, "Let's Go Crazy" 327,000 times and "When Doves Cry" 320,000 times. Can you picture this? Not far behind are "Little Red Corvette" at a baby-you're-much-too-fast 237,000 streams, and "Kiss" with 214,000.

Overall, fans streamed Prince's music 4.77 million times on Feb. 12 and 13, up from 74,000 streams in the two previous days, when access was limited.

On Saturday, the musician's then-limited-access catalog had just 37,000 streams, which grew to over a million when the floodgates opened Sunday, and 3.7 million Monday. The combined streams for those two days total 4.7 million -- more than his catalog was streamed during the entire previous year. Saturday to Monday saw a 9,700 percent increase.

The late singer was also honored at Sunday night's Grammy Awards, with Bruno Mars and former Prince pals Morris Day and The Time paying homage with a rocking medley.

As far as what's available for streaming, Prince obsessives will want to note we're talking mainly about his Warner Bros. Records from his 1978 debut "For You" through 1992's "Love Symbol Album," with some other albums missing and others only available on Tidal still.

But this is like a feast of "Starfish and Coffee" after a long famine, so most fans aren't complaining. I'm heading off to stream "Uptown," about my former Minneapolis neighborhood, and set my mind free, just like the man asked.

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