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Prince Harry gives up his Facebook page?

A report suggests that Prince Harry, who previously had a Facebook page under an assumed name, has given it up after his exploits in Las Vegas.

Prince Harry's unofficial Facebook fan page.
Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Prince Harry hasn't had much luck with technology this week.

First, he goes to Vegas, invites a few girls to his suite for a royal game of strip pool, and one of them whips out her cell phone and becomes a cesspool photographer.

While one wonders whether his security detail had a full grasp of the details of security, the prince is, apparently, not taking any more technological chances.

For a report in the Sun today suggests that he has shut down his Facebook account.

You might have not been aware that the prince had his own personal Facebook page.

Yes, he does have a fan page, as any modern royal should. It is, though, highly unofficial.

The Sun, indeed, reports that his real Facebook page was under the name "Spike Wells." However, his private secretary reportedly suggested that he remove it and it has now gone.

You might think that this is just an invented tale of princely woe. However, if you go to the Spike Wells Tumblr feed, you will discover a spirited debate about the prince, his friends, and their Facebook accounts.

It's not as if the prince would have been the first person to have a Facebook page under a pseudonym. It is rumored that many famous people -- Google's Larry Page, for example -- have availed themselves of Facebook pages under names only known to their nearest and dearest.

It is hard for famous people whose very youth and dynamism demands that they post details of their lives in Facebook.

Who would not imagine that the prince will soon return to Facebook under a new guise: Harry Poolhall, perhaps?