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Pricing on new Sony HDTVs leaked

In advance of Sony's line show next week, Web site HDGuru.com has leaked pricing information on a number of new models.

The V-series is one of a number of new Sony LCD TVs with pricing leaked by HDGuru.

Next week Sony will hold its annual spring line show detailing new product rollouts for 2009 and supplementing its CES 2009 HDTV announcements with specifics like pricing and availability. A couple days early, HDGuru.com has an article spelling out pricing for a number of Sony's new lines of Bravia-branded LCD TVs.

On a series-by-series basis, the Guru also provides advice to shoppers facing the inevitable question of whether to buy now while the deals on 2008 models are very good, or wait for the '09 versions to come out. In general, given the price difference and closeout deals on '08 versions, he advises shoppers to get a good deal now and not wait. We tend to agree, at least for folks who don't care about Yahoo Widgets or 240Hz.

The Guru leaked prices and estimated release dates for most of the series below. Pricing is listed as MAP, Sony's estimated street price.

  • KDL-L4000 series (end of February), entry-level 1,366x768 a.k.a. 720p
    • 22-inch KDL-22L4000 ($499)
    • 26-inch KDL-26L4000 ($549)
    • 32-inch KDL-32L4000 ($599)
    • 37-inch KDL-37L4000 ($799)
  • KDL-S5100 series (late March), entry-level 1080p
    • 32-inch KDL-32S5100 ($799)
    • 40-inch KDL-40S5100 ($999)
    • 46-inch KDL-46S5100 ($1299)
    • 52-inch KDL-52S5100 ($1799)
  • KFL-V5100 series (late March), entry-level 120Hz
    • 40-inch KDL-40V5100 ($1499)
    • 46-inch KDL-46V5100 ($1799)
    • 52-inch KDL-52V5100 ($2299)
  • KDL-W5100 series, 120Hz with Yahoo widgets; no pricing or release date leaked.
  • KDL-Z5100 series (early May), 240Hz with Yahoo Widgets; no pricing leaked.
  • KDL-XBR9 series, 240Hz (except 32-inch model, which is 120Hz) with Yahoo Widgets and different styling
    • 32-inch KDL-32XBR9 (late March, $1099)
    • 40-inch KDL-40XBR9 (late April, $2799)
    • 46-inch KDL-46XBR9 (late April, $3099)
    • 52-inch KDL-52XBR9 (late April, $3699)
  • KDL-VE5 series (early July), Eco-friendly; no pricing leaked.

While this lineup is extensive enough, we expect Sony to announce additional LCD TVs, namely ones with edge-lit LED technology similar to the 6000, 7000 and 8000 series HDTVs announced by Samsung at CES and shipping beginning in March. Perhaps Sony will still have some surprises when it makes its HDTV announcements Monday. We'll have full details then.