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'Price Is Right' contestants think iPhone 6 costs $7,500

In the New Year's "best of" edition of the famous game show, contestants aren't too sure at all about how much an iPhone costs.

A 16GB iPhone 6 costs, well, how much? Price Is Right; YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Being a game show contestant is a little like making a speech to Congress naked.

You're already so exposed that the chances of impressing are small.

However, on the New Year's edition of "The Price Is Right," the question of what an iPhone 6 might cost exposed -- well, you decide. The show was revisiting some of its greatest moments of the year.

Here we had a 16GB iPhone with a one-year calling plan, 4 gigs of data and unlimited talk and text . Who would guess what it cost?

The first contestant offered $7,500. Which seemed a little steep, even for Apple prices.

The next one knew better. Or at least thought he did. For he guessed $7,501.

The third was a little more sanguine: $850. The last lady suggested $930.

At this point, presenter Drew Carey's face resembled that of a man who had swallowed a wasp's nest. He mused: "I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this."

I'm almost certain that Jony Ive doesn't miss an episode. As for the marketing people, well, perhaps they're too busy for such fripperies.

Should you wonder what the right price was, it was $1,969. Which, when you give it careful consideration, is still a remarkably large amount of money.

It may well be that the first contestant was merely dazzled by being on the show, while the second was doing that thing that game-show people do of not thinking but just betting on one number more.

I wonder, though, whether one or two of Apple's marketing executives might now be wondering: "Hey, are we charging enough?"

(Via Mediaite)